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Monday, December 26, 2011

December 26, 2011 Pan Dulce

Things here are going fine, today we went and saw the casa rosada, which is argentina´s white house, and then went down a street which is like 10 blocks long of just shopping stores. It was cool. By the way, it sounds like the missionaries there are rockin, especially if they are getting the wards help to achieve 21 lessons a week with member. We struggle here but we are managing. This last week we actually broke a record for our area and managed 14! And that was after a Sunday where all of our set appointments fodged us.

By the way, I have eaten a ton of pan dulce, or fruit cake. Apparently it´s different here than in the states as in it´s popular and supposedly it´s softer and fluffier. One of our members cooked us a whole chicken too! She´s awesome and is going to teach me how to do it because the thing was that it was de bone-ified and filled with ham and cheese and vegie goodness. She knows how to take all the bones out of the chicken so when you cook it it still has it´s main form, just no bones. Yeah, she was a professional cook for 50 years.

Other than that there´s nothing much new, just my companion is realizing that his 12 week training program is just about at and end as we start week 11 this week and it said that the "new missionary takes the initiative in all teaching and planning opportunities." He´s getting a bit nervous about if he gets transfered to a new area or changes companions. Oh the joys of growing up and getting shoved out of the nest. There are so many "padded" learning opportunities in the mission. I think the worst would be if they actually thought of calling me to be zone leader, because that would be a challenge. But I really don´t think the ywould, if anything they´d make me regular senior companion which is just fine because I´ve stopped desiring to become some great missionary leader because I realized no one really cares or asks after the mission if you were zone leader or assitant to the president and I´m still struggling with the position I´ve been given. Love you and write more next week.

Con amor,
Elder Arrowchis

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