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Monday, December 26, 2011

December 19, 2011 Christmas Plans

okay, so we´re planning on being on at 6:00 my time, and for you at 6:30 because I´m going to talk to my dad first.  So I guess that would come out to 1:00 your time.  I also don´t really feel like talking right now either because I took the test today and I scored below the averages in all the events and didn´t even finish the mile because I started dry heaving after the second lap, so I´m not too excited right now. 

But this week we did have success in that last Saturday we baptized Carla and her daughter Erika, and this Saturday we baprtized her other daughter Paola.  They were all confirmed on Sunday which was a very special experience.  We also had quite a few investigators in church, which is a miracle.  But other than that just the normal mission life.  This week we have a special christmas devotional and I heard rumors that Elder Foster of the 70 is going to be speaking, so we´ll see.  I did get your christmas package but I´ve been so busy that I haven´t ewven opened it yet.  You can´t honestly expect me to wait until christmas, but being so busy I might not actually get around to opening it until then!  That is so great that Jordan received his endowment!  Now he needs to go a couple of extra times to really understand it.  Also tell him to be ready, because this Saturday I have a couple of things i want to share with him to help him get ready for his mission.  I guess I´ll just have my companion do it again in 2 weeks then.  That´s all for now and so just expect me to be on at 6:30 my time to talk with you.  Love ya, chau chau!

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