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Monday, December 26, 2011

November 21, 2011 Progress

This is the last week of the transfer and I can´t believe how fast it´s gone. I´ve realized that when speaking English, I speakwith a slight red neck accent, like saying fer instead of for and such... anyway, training is going good, we´re working on helping my companion get more involved and even though he gets frustrated sometimes, we take it slow and then build him back up. I just realized that after this week I only have 4 transfers left... that is way too short. I don´t wanna go home!

But other than that we had some good success with our investigator who is progressing. We weren´t able to get her to church but on friday we had a lesson with her and she prayed and said that she wants to be and feel ready for her baptismal date, so that´s exciting. We also passed by another family who we already dropped and started talking with the son, who is 24 years old and he actually came to church this weekend, which was also really cool. We also got him talking to the YSA leader about activities and supposedly he was going to go to a fireside Sunday night.

We just moved this week too, actually today, and so we went to check out our new part of our area and my companion bought his first Argentina Jersey and I´m actually kinda jealous because it looks cool, but I´ve already got two and his is the latest and most expensive, so I´ll pass! I am looking to buy some sweet addidas pants though, cool b-boying status.

I also feel like my relationship with God is improving and becoming more personal as I¨ve been humbling myself a lot these past couple of weeks as I´ve come to realize that over 3/4 of my mission is over and I haven´t been having very many baptisms compared to a lot of the other missionaries. I´ve been trying really hard and having success but it seems like I just can´t baptize like many other missionaries, especially in this mission which baptizes a lot. Other than that I also have gotten darker as the dread of summer comes on with the 40*C weather and 100% humidity kick in. But luckily i can still eat icecream and not get fat so that´s cool. Well I´m glad that you have helped me out so much with my West Point application and stuff. I feel more confident about being able to complete this CFA test thing. I actually have been going out to run and I think I did the mile in 6:17??? I´ve never done it that fast. I´m also getting better at pushups and sit ups, so hopefully the other events won´t kill me either...

Love you and write more next week.

Con Amor,
Elder Arrowchis

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