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Monday, December 26, 2011

November 28, 2011 NOT Trunky

Wow, so I can´t say that seeing those pictures [church missionary board at home] makes me trunky, which is when you are sad or distracted by thinking about home, but then what´s it called when seeing those pictures makes me sad because I DON´T want to go home? All I´m saying is that I can feel it coming now, when I walk out of that office and stroll next to that board I going to be balling. I´m having so much fun working hard down here. It is so hot and stuffy and humid now, and summer´s not even here, and it´s so hard trying to be diligent in doing everything president asks me to everyday day after day, and it can be hard when my companion is having a hard time and I have to deal with everything and help him, but this past week I have really tried sacrificing my desires completely to the Lord and it has been such a special feeling that I have had.

I have finally grown to have a love for my branch just as strong as in my last area Monte Olivia. This last Sunday was a day of miracles. We had to get up at 5:00 to get ready for and leave for a meeting with all the missionaries and bishops in our stake at 7:00, and then a lot of plans that we had for bringing investigators to church fell through, but we passed by the house of one of our new investigators and he came to the church with us. Then another investigator came, but she´s not progressing so it wasn´t as exciting, and then during the last hour when we were in sacrament meeting a family of our investigators came in, a mom we are teaching and her two daughters. Then before sacrament meeting the branch presidnet asked me to give a talk so I spent 10 minutes trying to prepare a 15 minute talk in gospel princples, and thanks to the mercy of the Lord it came out awesome and spiritual. That´s when you know the Lord is guiding you, because I can´t do something like that on my own. Then after sacrament meeting we talked to someone in the room who we didn´t recognize and it turns out it´s a couple that just got here from Bolivia and that husband is a melchezidek priesthood holder and his wife is a non member. Can I get a BAP-TIS-MMM! Then we had to do a 4th sunday missionary family home evening in the church and even though we didn´t prepare for it at all we managed to pull something together and it came out great and everybody felt the missonary spirit even more. Another pure miracle and manifestation of the Lord´s love and mercy for us. I know these miracles come from my desires to become a missionary of faith like a principle of power and the change in my prayers that I have made to more fully submit my pride and will to the Lord´s.

It´s interesting to see how the mission life is affecting my companion and I can only think of Jordan. Tell him the mission will be completely different than anything he´s ever done and he needs ot understand now that he needs to go in humble prayer to the Lord and trust with all his heart in His mercy and love, otherwise it could be a little rough, ha ha. Love you and write more next week.

Con Amor,
Elder Arrowchis

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