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Monday, March 19, 2012

March 19, 2012 Non-cool P Day

Alright so here goes the big long email.  I´m not sure what to write, so I´m just going to pour out what comes out of my mouth.  First and foremost, that fax I sent might be a bit confusing in box 20, so if they ask each box says the same thing, I think it´s a "no" or "normal",  and the signiture is to show that I didn´t forge it.  Second is that that trip took our WHOLE P day, so my companion is a bit molested (annoyed in english) and I need to make it up to him because we´ve only had one cool Pday in a while now.  He just completed a year and a half a couple of days ago so I´m going to buy him a kilo or so of ice cream, maybe just a half a kilo.  Just so you know, we get about 50 bucks a week for spending and today I spent about 15 on groceries, HAHAHA.  What a difference but here it feels like a lot.  There´s also a bunch of easter eggs in the store but they are super expensive, so actually i might just buy one for my companion, there we go I´ll buy him an easter chocolate egg.  Bunnys aren´t that popular here.  It´s super humid today again and it looks like it´s going to rain now. 

This week we need to find some miracles because we didn´t baptize last week and we don´t have any set baptisms for this week, so we need to do some work.  We are also stressing out because the zone is just not producing the results that we want them to have, and we don´t know exactly what else to do to help them because we call them every night and try to help them with their doubts and the doubts of their investigators, we keep track of their records and try to help them work in more efficient ways, we are trying and trying to help all of them achieve a vision of real growth in the celestial kingdom, but it seems like a lot of times they just get mad or simply don´t listen!  It´s like having kids or something, we know what to do to help them but they don´t put it into practice.  We actually have one missionary who recently got super excited because he saw a girl get baptized who had to drop just about every bad sin and this Sunday even wore a skirt to church to her confirmation.  Complete miracle and now we have seen a huge increase in his faith due to that miracle.  It´s funny because he is a super obedient missionary but never really had the vision, just obedient because he knew he had to be and wanted to be obedient.  Basically he was a Sam.  So I started telling him to pray for a response whenever he would ask me doubts and even though he got frustrated he started praying and now we see that he does have a vision and is achieving levels of success that he just didn´t even think of before.  It´s great!  Now he´s more of a Nephi. 

Other than that, I don´t want to think about going home, but what were your plans for the pick up day?  I was thinking that since you dropped me off, my dad picks me up (with you there) and I spend the day with him until I´m released (I´m assuming it will be in the night) or until dinner, and then I go with you from dinner on.  Just a thought.  I haven´t thought about what I want for dinner, but yes for dessert I want a root beer float.  Actually, your homemade lasagna sounds really good right now.  And I plan on going for teds burritos for lunch and sushi for a merienda, ha ha.  Anyway, gotta do zone leader stuff in these last 5 minutes, love you.  Chau chau, let me know if there´s anything in particular any of you want from Argentina.

Con amor,
Elder Arrowchis

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 12, 2012 No Time

Sorry, no time, write more next week.  Love you,

Elder Arrowchis

March 5, 2012 Visionary Leadership

Yeah, it´s kinda fun to baptize.  It´s also kinda fun to eat alfajores.  Things are getting super busy here because Elder Ramirez and I have been struggling quite a bit to get the zone organized and moving, we finally are getting there today with all the materials we need, so hopefully this week will be better than the last.  This week we also have a conference with the zone leaders and district leaders so that should help because we have two new district leaders in the zone.

I´m still working on developing this "visionary leadership" deal.  It´s really cool what we´re learning here about vision and about how we need to know the why of what we´re doing instead of just accepting the rules.  That gives us the drive we need to want to follow the rules and also to make our own plans inorder to accomplish our objective.  That´s when it becomes our objective, and not just our mission president or the assistants objective.  It´s really neat too, kind of like Nephi was the only one who supported his dad and acted on his own direction to accomplish the commandments received through their dad.  He had the vision, and in 1 Nephi 2 it explains that he achieved it by praying and receiving a confirmation for what his dad had told him.  Laman and Lemuel never wanted to know and Sam it seems obeyed to obey, and did not receive the vision.  That´s the difference between being a Sam and being a Nephi; Sam obeys but Nephi understands.  Yeah when I was down in Ushuaia it seemed that everyone wanted to get a job in the factory because they paid the best and had the most stable hours.  It was huge down there.

So another spiritual experience we had this week was that we were walking down the street in front of a members house and they had told us that across the street lived less active members.  We saw a lady sitting outside there and talked to her and she listened to us and accepted to be baptized.  We then decided to try and visit a less active family before going home and a man called out to us in the street.  Normally we don´t stop because at night they usually do that to rob us, but this time we did stop.  He turned out to be going through a really rough time and after talking with him and his mom we learned that they had been to church before but a long time ago and that missionaries had passed by too.  So we commited them to read and pray and get baptized and they accepted.  That´s another things we are implementing here in our zone only, is counting how many times a day we invite people to be baptized.  This really shows how focused we are on calling people to repentance through baptism and if we have received the vision of real growth in the celestial kingdom.  So yeah, good stuff.  Well, time to go and now more pictures, so I´ll get the paper signed and faxed in and also the doctor appointment.  Love you lots and thanks for all the help you´ve given me with the West Point application.

Con Amor,
Elder Arrowchis