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Monday, February 28, 2011

February 28, 2011 Wedding & Baptism

So Diego and Tamara go baptized this week! Diego and Tamara were the first investigators we met here, the missionaries before told us we had an appointment the day we were to arrive and a member showed us where they lived. They got married and then baptized and are soo cool. Diego did ninja school for 5 years or so and Tamara´s dad lives in South Africa. Diego is very analytical and very logical. Tamara is very quiet and reserved but also analytical. Diego is also really funny, I wish you could speak Spanish because he is so funny and cool how he talks and what he says. It´s kind of weird having a companion who is finishing his mission because I see the end of it while I haven´t even hit the half way point yet.

I honestly don´t know what else to write right now, sorry. I`m going to start writing in my planner during the week things that happen so I can have more to write about. Are you up to date on things I need to do for West Point? Do I need to do anything yet? I also want to buy you souvenirs that are very fitting for the color code/personality thing. There it is, revelation.  Also, if using my debit card uses up the money required for my mission I´m going to need to ask if you could transfer $150 (U.S.) to my account to buy you your souvenirs.

Okay so your homework for this week is to look up Boca Junior and River Plate (they are soccer teams here in Argentina).Thanks and thanks for sending questions, it helps me know what to write. Do you have any questions about pictures I´ve sent? Love you and have a good time there and remember to pray everyday and to read everyday. When we are obeying the commandments and repenting we open the door to receive the misteries of heaven and learn things that haven´t been reveleaved before. Let Jordan know I miss him and he needs to go to church and read the Book of Mormon everyday! Chao Chao.

Con Amor,
Elder Arrowchis

Thursday, February 24, 2011

February 21, 2011 No Time

Alright, so today we went to the glacier with Presidente and his wife and so now I don´t have a lot of time to write, but next time I will tell you about a family home evening we had and an investigator that we encountered.  Also, could you do me a favor and look for Amanda Adams and Kaila Garcia on my facebook and invite them to read my blog.  We did an activity with a family about sharing the gospel and this time I participated and I felt to invite them two to read my blog.  Well, gotta go, sorry.

Monday, February 14, 2011

February 14, 2011 Being a Missionary

My mind is going blank right now also and I have no idea what to write. This past week has been a rough week in that we haven´t found many people to teach. We´re kind of hitting a wall right now and I don´t know how we are going to vencerlo (I´m forgetting how to speak in english). That´s another weird thing, I´m forgetting how to talk completely in English but at the same time I can´t speak fluently in Spanish, it´s very frustrating. I don´t know if I´m tired of Spanish or more tired of English sometimes, ha ha. I can´t believe that Mike Ecklund, Marc Lennox, Rowe Lennon, and Tyler Clendenon have celebrated their 100th night already. I haven´t even hit 1 year yet!

It´s interesting being a missionary. There are times when I feel really lazy and would love to just relax the rules just a bit, sleep a bit longer, relax in the house a few more minutes, or spend some more time in a members house than we should, but then there are times when I have so much spiritual revelation and realize how much improvement I need to make in this life. For example right now I´m just feeling exhausted but maybe tonight I will have a spiritual experience that will boost me back up to wanting to work hard. That´s why the mission is so much harder than West Point, because the results of disobedience manifest itself even more quickly than at West Point and that obedience is mostly dependent on me. There´s not someone telling me everyday what to do. There are also a whole lot more rollercoasters on the mission in one single day than at West Point. Trying to balance my budget and spend only my limited amount every week is difficult as well, because it´s really easy to just say "whatever" and dive into my personal money to pay for more food or an extra alfajore or something like that. It can also be rough living with someone 24 hours a day. That´s another thing that´s crossed my mind on the mission, marriage. I have no idea how two people can get married and stay happy together. That is a modern day miracle that comes directly from the Lord. But I know this work is true and even if I don´t have a lot of success the Lord wants me out here to learn something about life.

One question for my companion, what is the difference between "no" and "not" and when do you use one and not the other? Also can you tell the McPasseys thanks for the card but I have no idea how I´m going to use the money they sent (I´m surprised it made it at all) and also to Amanda for the letter. When we get mail whenever it comes through Fueguino Express, about once every transfer. Like I said, North American treats are acceptable now, because it´s fun to share them with my latino compañeros. Thanks for the letters and for keeping the cat fat, I don´t know what I´d do if I came home and couldn´t get a workout picking up my cat. I still can´t believe that he hasn´t died of obesity yet. Say high to everyone and eat some sushi for me!

Con Amor,
Elder David Arrowchis

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February 7, 2011 Baptisms

The superbowl does not exist here. Nobody talks about futból americano, let alone the superbowl. Here it is all about River Plate and Boca Junior (some moogle homework for ya) when the World cup isn´t in season.

So the first experience, don´t ever go shopping right at the end of your fast. I spent more today on food than I have ever in my mission. Next, the penguins. We were able to go because Presidente was with us and gave us permission. It was soooo cool. The President came down and his wife told us that they wanted to have a P-day with us. So after a lot of wheeling and dealing by my companion with the agency that goes out in catamaran, we got the spot to go. Then when we showed up our president counciled with the asistant (Elder Labra) and he felt that the boat was big enough, and with the president with us and his approval, we went! And now that they have already seen the penguin island, I doubt they will do it again if they ever have a P-Day in the south again, so in otherwords I saw a miracle and got my wish to have a picture with a penguin.

About the baptism. They are the Hurtado family and we met them our first week here because they were old investigators that the missionaries before us dropped. So when we stopped by we were patient and even joined in their laughter (it´s like Brandon Santos´s family but with more kids) and they started to listen and feel the spirit. Now all of the kids are baptized, talking about going on missions, and are pressuring their mom to get baptized. They are really cool and the mom invited us to have dinner with them one night and she is going to cook us Bolivian food, because she´s from Bolivia. There is a definite difference in their faces and countenances now and we can tell they are all a lot happier. All of them were baptized at first except Eduardo, the tallest one and his mom. Then he told us that during the baptism of his two younger brothers he felt desires to be baptized. So while everyone was eating and leaving afterwards he had his interview and we decided to baptize him. So we filled the faunt back up but hot water wouldn´t come out, so he did it in cold water with nobody there except his family and one member who showed up from another branch. Afterwards he told us that he felt more complete, which is significant because before he would tell us that he never felt if this is true or not. In other words he received his answer after his baptism! This last Sunday the three oldest all received the Aaronic Priesthood and the oldest, Julio, wants to baptize his mom.

This experience came about largely because two weeks ago, the week before their baptism, one of the asistants (Elder Labra) came to Ushuaia and ended up staying a week with Elder Martinez and I. I learned a lot from him and experienced a lot in that week. Also, One night Presidente Gulbrandsen went with us to visit the Hurtado family and also Diego y Tamara (the family where I am painting). Those were also very spiritual experiences and I learned a lot. During one of the nights that we visited Diego y Tamara with Elder Labra I had an unbelievable experience. My companions started talking and talking while I was sitting there not talking. I had no idea what to say so I just started praying and trying hard to think about what to say, and I started to think about all of the experiences and visits we have had with him. Then I started to feel a really strong love for him and his family and that´s when Elder Labra asked me to share what I was feeling. So then I started talking and the scripture Moroni 7:48 came to mind. I shared it and through strong emotion choking my words and speaking through the spirit. I have never before felt the pure love of Christ but I´m sure that that night I came pretty close. It was a very inspiring experience and has taught me a lot about the importance of charity and the importance of having it for those we know. Later during other lessons with other people, I have found that when I can start feeling a love for those I am teaching I start receiving the inspired questions that cause the investigator to basically look to heaven for an answer which then causes them to feel the spirit and in that moment is when they start learning because the spirit is teaching them. That´s the importance of inspired questions in our work now.

Those are the stories I have for this week, and I am still in Ushuaia for another transfer (they were yesterday) with my companion Elder Martinez who finishes his mission this transfer, so I will be here at least 3 more months, this transfer and the next to work with the new missionary that will come after Elder Martinez leaves. That is great with me because I have come to feel a love for this branch that I have never felt before in my life and absolutely love all the members here.

Thanks for your letters and love. Chao chao, hasta la semana que viene!
Con Amor,
Elder Arrowchis

Saturday, February 5, 2011

January 31, 2011 Baptisms & Penguines

Okay, I´m going to send a monton de fotos!  So if I don´t write, I hope the pictures tell the tale.

Zone Conference

Me, Julio, David (I baptized him), Evelyn, Emanuel (I baptized him), E. Labra, E. Martinez

Julio, Eduardo, Belinda (back), David, Evelyn, Alondra (smallest), E Martinez, Emanuel

Eduardo wanted to be baptized after he saw his brothers baptized. 
So we baptized him!

Group en el barco
Elder Martinez, Labra, me, Leavitt, Lorca, random hands

Elder Martinez, Labra, Lorca, Sis. Rivera (todos Chilenos...)


It was raining wet snow = very cold

 Dinner with the Mena family and friends

Un Completo/Italiano = bread, hot dog, tomatoes, onions, guacamole, mustard, ketchup, and fry sauce... need I say more?