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Monday, February 14, 2011

February 14, 2011 Being a Missionary

My mind is going blank right now also and I have no idea what to write. This past week has been a rough week in that we haven´t found many people to teach. We´re kind of hitting a wall right now and I don´t know how we are going to vencerlo (I´m forgetting how to speak in english). That´s another weird thing, I´m forgetting how to talk completely in English but at the same time I can´t speak fluently in Spanish, it´s very frustrating. I don´t know if I´m tired of Spanish or more tired of English sometimes, ha ha. I can´t believe that Mike Ecklund, Marc Lennox, Rowe Lennon, and Tyler Clendenon have celebrated their 100th night already. I haven´t even hit 1 year yet!

It´s interesting being a missionary. There are times when I feel really lazy and would love to just relax the rules just a bit, sleep a bit longer, relax in the house a few more minutes, or spend some more time in a members house than we should, but then there are times when I have so much spiritual revelation and realize how much improvement I need to make in this life. For example right now I´m just feeling exhausted but maybe tonight I will have a spiritual experience that will boost me back up to wanting to work hard. That´s why the mission is so much harder than West Point, because the results of disobedience manifest itself even more quickly than at West Point and that obedience is mostly dependent on me. There´s not someone telling me everyday what to do. There are also a whole lot more rollercoasters on the mission in one single day than at West Point. Trying to balance my budget and spend only my limited amount every week is difficult as well, because it´s really easy to just say "whatever" and dive into my personal money to pay for more food or an extra alfajore or something like that. It can also be rough living with someone 24 hours a day. That´s another thing that´s crossed my mind on the mission, marriage. I have no idea how two people can get married and stay happy together. That is a modern day miracle that comes directly from the Lord. But I know this work is true and even if I don´t have a lot of success the Lord wants me out here to learn something about life.

One question for my companion, what is the difference between "no" and "not" and when do you use one and not the other? Also can you tell the McPasseys thanks for the card but I have no idea how I´m going to use the money they sent (I´m surprised it made it at all) and also to Amanda for the letter. When we get mail whenever it comes through Fueguino Express, about once every transfer. Like I said, North American treats are acceptable now, because it´s fun to share them with my latino compa├▒eros. Thanks for the letters and for keeping the cat fat, I don´t know what I´d do if I came home and couldn´t get a workout picking up my cat. I still can´t believe that he hasn´t died of obesity yet. Say high to everyone and eat some sushi for me!

Con Amor,
Elder David Arrowchis

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