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Monday, April 2, 2012

March 26, 2012 The Field is White

Alright so I want to respond to your email first this time because talking about plans for something other than baptizing sounds more stress relieving right now.  So here´s my thought, so it stays "flexible", I get there, we go to your house, I unpack my stuff, I go to saddleback and hit up Brother Greiner institute at 12:00, and then at 1:00 we all meet up at Ted´s or something for an awesome breakfast burrito (I´m thinking I´ll be with my dad at institute but I don´t know).  Then after talking and stuff I´m with Dad until my release, and then we go to your house and I eat some awesome food and chat, and then sleep for the next week, while going to institute, and the temple, and taking out the trash, and cooking, and studying math and chemical engineering, and the scriptures, and the miracle of forgiveness, and dancing, finding people for the missionaries to baptize...  Yeah.

Talking that sunday is perfectly fine.  Even better, I´ll still have all the scriptures from the mission running through my head ha ha.  The only problem is they´ll be in spanish.  I was also thinking, and if anyone asks me to give a blessing I´m going to ask to do the first anointing part, because if they truly have faith in the blessing that´s enough because I have no idea how to speak or do it in English, ha ha ha!

So this week has been a super heavy week, re pesado.  Lots of stress and plans failing and low numbers, so we´ve been learning how to cope with that.  We talked with President this morning and he gave us advice from one of President Uchtdorf´s talks about when we encounter turbulence the best thing to do is not to speed up to try and pass through it but to slow down actually.  So we are going to try and apply that this week by focusing on the little things that I´ve learned and know I need to do and pray that the Lord sends success, especially for this general conference weekend.  One way I´m applying it is that I had the thought that well the field is white already to harvest, that´s the Lord´s work not mine, and so I could be sitting down sleeping and that still wouldn´t change how white and ready the field is to be harvested, only I wouldn´t be receiving any fruits from the white field.  So we´re not going to focus on how bad last week was and what we need to do to improve from there, but rather start with the approach of a new missionary.  A new missionary doesn´t know anything of past doubts or excuses because he has no experience with those, so therefore he works completely based on faith.  So we are going to plan without taking into account the doubts and excuses investigators/members have given us and only seek to do the will and plan of the Lord, the way a new missionary would find it. 

Let me know how everything goes with West Point.  Right now I´m not even anxious I´m so worn out, I just feel complete that I did everything that they requested of me.  love you and write more next week.  Chau chau.

Con amor,
Elder Arrowchis

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