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Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2, 2012 Final Transfer

Fa, it was super weird saying goodbye to one of our all star missionaries last night who goes home today.  Look him up for me, his name is Jordan Christensen.  He was super cool and it felt weird to think that I`m next.  Then I realized I need to baptize still so I stopped thinking about it.  Today was cool, we went to an all you can eat place called the Finca and I ate a ton of ice cream, yeah, and a piece of pork cooked on the grill.  Now we are writing at the ciber and I`m trying to think of what to do so that our new missionaries in the zone and the ones that stayed start off on the right foot this transfer.  Ah that`s right, I stayed here!  And my companion stayed too, so I`m going to end the mission speaking like a Chileno!  Super cool, I`m going to come back home and not be able to speak proper English.  We`re also super excited to start working again and this week we have a consejo de lideres with President (just the zone leaders and the assitants), so we are going to start the transfer pumped.  I`m super excited to devote myself completely to the Lord and really find those people who are ready to accept baptism and go to church and read the Book of Mormon and pray.  The Lord did promise us that, the field is white already to harvest, not in 3 months but now!  So that`s going to be our main focus, is teaching the recent converts their lessons of retention to teach them how to bring their friends and family to church and then finding those investigators who have been prepared ya!

Anyway, I`m also going to need to find my math book from West Point and my Chemical engineering book because I`m going to need to do some studying!  So yeah conference, I was actually feeling bumbed out because we didn`t manage to bring any investigators to any of the sessions, so this week we are super focused on finding the Lord`s prepared who are willing to go to church this Sunday.  I don`t have time to waste on people who are half interested in going to church, I need to find people who are willing.  This transfer we also have interviews so it will be my last chance to ask President things before my final interview.  I`m also excited that we made a better plan with my companion to help the members become more involved in the missionary work too.  We plan on sharing scriptures about the Doctrine of Christ with them and leaving the less active members commitments similar to that of investigators to help them grow in their love for the Lord and their neighbor too.  Our vision is to help the less active and the old members grow to the level of faith of a recent convert.

Some things I really liked about the conference was the talk about recognizing spiritual revelation and following it.  I`ve also never heard a general authority spend so much serious time talking seriously about dreams.  Which means that last night I dreamt about getting home standing in the living room, looking around, and having no idea what to do, ha ha ha.  I don`t need an interpreter to tell me what that means, so even more reason to forget myself in the work here and now while I can.  I also really liked the talk about the difference between being active in the church and active in the Gospel.  Here in the mission is when I`ve come to understand better what it means being active in the Gospel, because when our focus is on being active in the Gospel we aren`t annoyed by all the meetings in church or anything because we understand and see that we are helping other of God`s children progress toward qualifying for celestial glory.

Well that`s about it for my week, I`ll let you know how everything goes this week.  I`m ready to end it running my heart out, and my mind out, and my strength out.  Love you and write more next week.  Chau Chau.

Con amor,
Elder Arrowchis

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