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Monday, February 6, 2012

February 6, 2012 No Electricity or Water

So yeah, here´s my week. We had all those capacitaciones [training] and pretty much worked every day from 6-9, so we tried not letting let get to us and accepting that excuse. I´m really learning a lot right now about not accepting excuses and making plans, ha ha my kids are going to hate me. The missionaries tell us that they don´t have any investigators to make plans, and so we tell them that´s an excuse and what´s their plan to baptize this weekend ha ha. Then if they still don´t know we invite them to pray because that´s really the only way they´ll find a plan in the first place. Also, two nights we had no electricity or water and it was about 90 degrees or more in the apartment with super high humidity. I wasn´t dry once that night, or asleep longer than 2 hours total, ha. I had to stand up during church because I was falling asleep but bad. This week I am going to practice throwing a basketball and take the test somewhere next Monday, so yeah. Other than that nothing great to report, no baptisms or amazing miracles that I can think of right now. Love you and let me know if there´s anything I can do for you.
Con Amor,
Elder Arrowchis

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