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Monday, February 27, 2012

February 27, 2012 Time to Baptize!

Okay, time to baptize! So I don´t have a lot of time right now because I´ve had a ton of things to do, but hope you enjoy the pictures. SO yeah, this past week we worked like crazy! Elder Ramirez has a very concentrated style of working, especially when it comes to dealing with the other Elders. I´m learning a lot from him about counceling with the other missionaries to help them aument their faith in order to gain a vision of achieving more and setting higher goals while still being realistic. For instance, this last week we started counting how many times we´ve invited people to be baptized. This past week we achieved 8 and because of that urgency and boldness we had 5 baptisms where we only would of had two otherwise! It´s great and I am just super stressed and super excited to just start baptizing and confirming (because it all depends on a missionary´s mindset no mas). It´s a great energy that comes from repenting myself everyday and looking to help and serve others instead of staying content with the success that I am given. It has a lot to do with trying to retain the remission of my sins as explained in Mosiah 4. That is also relieving to know that I don´t have to worry about West Point right now, just keep exercising every morning and not letting myself go on the sweets and fatty foods. Could you also let me know if I need to reschedule that doctor appointment to finish the sheet for my eyes? Well, I sent pictures this week so I´ll leave off on the writing a bit.

About those who were baptized: The boy of 9 years we found because his family is inactive but started coming back to church and wanted to baptize him. The mom and her daughter we found through our recent convert, who is her daughter, and with that family they just came prepared. The older daughter showed up to church one Sunday, basically baptized herself, and then we started talking with her mom and younger daughter. The mom read everything and had been living all the commandments her whole life and the night before her baptism her daughter prayed with her to know if she should get baptized and she felt like she should. The other two girls are part of a family we´ve been teaching since I got here and they decided to get baptized this week too. We actually dropped them but the whole family came last Sunday and they accepted fechas. Now it´s just time for the Dad to act! Love you a ton and thank you so much for all your help with West Point and letters and stuff.

Con Amor,
Elder Arrowchis

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