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Monday, February 27, 2012

February 20, 2012 Staying in Jose C Paz II

Faa, so yeah there have been some changes. I´m still in my area Jose C Paz II but my companion changed. Elder Bruce was called up to be an assistant to the president and my new companion is my other old zone leader, Elder Ramirez. He was my zone leader two transfers ago and now he´s here with me so we´re going to flood this zone with baptisms and converts. It´s great to have him because he´s Chileno (from Chile) so I´m going to help him learn English and he´s going to help me get back into Spanish speaking mode. If he´s the one to end me then hopefully I will get back home and not be able to speak English too well.

Anyway, so yeah Noelia´s confirmation went great and this week we are expecting at least two more baptisms. One is a 9 year old boy whose parents were inactive and his mom started coming back to church. It´s kinda bad but also funny, but at least here if a kid is 8 years old and not baptized the missionaries don´t really even talk to him, but as soon as he turns 9 they´re at the door! Ha ha ha, that´s because if one of their parents is a member and they get baptized at 8 they don´t count for the missionaries, actually we don´t even hold the keys for that baptism it´s a ward baptism. They other one is Noelia´s mom who is super prepared only she is a bit doubtful about following through. Other than that, I´m not sure the PT test is going to work out because it´s super hard finding time to do it, so just send in the "excuse". There are no running tracks around here, and none with pull up bars, only in Parque Chacabuco which is 3 hours away... So yeah, I still don´t know what to write about after two years, I´ll start taking more pictures this transfer, and I´ll tell you more about the baptisms. Here´s something you could write me about, have you had any experiences with praying and receiving an answer, or when were the times that you felt the Lord´s love for you most? Thank you and talk more next week.

Con Amor,
Elder Arrowchis

P.S. there´s an elder Hunt here who said his brother is near Salmon, I already wrote Jordan so we´ll see if they find him ha ha.

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