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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 30, 2012 Two Baptisms

Wow, just wow. SO much going on and I am sooo tired, ha ha. This week has been super crazy! First of all it has been between 80 and 100 degrees farenheit every day with high humidity! On top of that, we had two baptisms and two confirmations. One was a boy named Facundo who is 10 years old and the missionaries found him before because another girl investigator they were teaching went to his house and shared the Book of Mormon with him and told him to read the introduction and pray about it. So he did it, and started listening to us. Now he was the first of all of them to get baptized and he got his parents to go to church on Sunday, and now they´ve accepted baptismal dates!

Next is Adrian, a 39 year old man. He started many months ago and actually declined getting baptized, then accepted, and then didn´t show up to his baptism and the missionaries have been trying forever to get him baptized. This week he talked with the bishop and said he wanted to get baptized. So we went with faith and did everything, and then Saturday morning he sent a text saying he didn´t want to get baptized. We talked with him and he later asked if there was still going to be his baptism that day. We told him of course and we´d see him at 6 in the church. At 4 we passed by his house and he wasn´t there and no one knew where he had gone. We went back to the church to fill the font and he would not answer his phone. So what we did is at 6:30 we got on our knees and asked God if it was his will and desire the Adrian got baptized Saturday. We felt that he needed to or he wouldn´t get baptized ever. So I felt a knew confidence that it was possible. We said another prayer asking to know the Lord´s plan to get Adrian bapatized and then started counceling to know our plan. I ended going with a member to look for him at his home or his barbershop, which he wasn´t there, and then we started heading back. As we were arriving at the church he sent us a text that said that he was in Capital and was on his way over. So we waited there until 8:45 and he showed up and got baptized. I still don´t know what changed his heart but something happened and we saw a miracle!

That´s about it for now, it´s super crazy and busy being a zone leader, any extra time in the mornings or at night are spent calling the district leaders. So yeah, I´m going to read Jordan´s email and then get back to you about West Point. Love ya!

Con amor,
Elder Arrowchis

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