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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Baptism in Puerto Williams

So, unless you haven´t figured it out by now, I went to Puerto Williams with my companion this past weekend. We went because it´s apart of our area and there was a baptism there (I´ll let you look for where it´s located in the world). Lets just say I can now say that I´ve been to the town most south in the world. It was quite an experience getting there and while we were there. I don´t have much time so I´ll write only a little, especially since I sent pictures. So, first we had to get there. We had everything paid for in the morning and we were packing when I decided I wanted to buy a souvenire or something from Puerto Williams. So I went to my wallet and pulled out some personal money without even thinking. I pulled out 300 pesos argentinos and put it in my bag. The weird part is that I even thought that that was way too much and maybe I should bring dollars just in case. But I just said nah and left it at that. Then we got to the passenger control to make sure we could leave and come back to the country. It turned out there was a problem with my passport paperwork and i had to pay a 300 peso fine before I could leave. The boat was leaving and we wouldn´t have had time to go back for more money if I hadn´t of brought that money. Then we got there and started getting to know the members. We passed by the boy who was getting baptized and had an amazing lesson with his family where I received revelation about how 3 Nephi 20:8-9 relates to easter. We also had other spiritual lessons with the members, who are bien Chileno. That was our adventure for the week and I´ll write more and confirm the Mother Day´s call next week (and if I got transfered or not). Love you and hope you enjoy the pictures instead of mutter about not answering your letters.

Con Amor,
Elder David Arrowchis

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