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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April 5, 2011 General Conference

Ha, thanks for the pictures! Yup, there´s snow here too, not nearly as much as Utah, but yesterday it started to snow some in the morning, so thus it starts. That´s cool that Jordan is finishing his first year of college. It´s actually really weird for me but well, it´s cool for him. When he goes to brother Greiner´s class ask him to pick up a list of memorized scriptures (that list I asked you for almost a year ago...) from brother greiner. It´s front and back filled with scriptures and what topic they are and I´d like a new copy that´s not all destroyed in case more companions want a copy.

General conference was sweet! That is one of the experiences that I enjoy most in the mission as well because it´s just 5 boys sitting in a room talking and making jokes about conference! We totally called the joke that Elder Bednar referred to before he got up "Uh-oh, Elder Bednar and then Have I Done Any Good In the World Today, get ready to repent." It was also cool because we were all interested in conference and all taking notes about what we learned. It was a good feeling. Also, whatever happened to Kelly People´s mom because I could have sworn I saw her in the MOTAB!

So yeah, I´m also trying to cook more with my companion, he´s taken a couple of clases and always watched his mom so he knows quite a bit. Today I tried making bread, but it came out kinda weird (I don´t know how to form it) and kinda salty. But it was the first time so I´ll get more practice before I get home. I want to learn how to make it like the Argentines do. My plan is to cook for you guys when I get home so I can spend more time practicing because I won´t get any at West Point. I have learned how to make a mean banana bread though, so that´s cool.

Another update on Delia is that recently she left to go visit her dad in Jujuy who had 4 operations and is 80 years old. We heard yesterday that her dad had a miraculous recovery and is doing just fine right now. That woman has a lot of faith. Also we talked with an investigator and her boyfriend about the law of chastity last night and about getting married. They promised to pray together and think about making plans to get married, so we´ll see how things go but they also felt good after that night. Well I have to go now, but thanks for the love and prayers! Tell Jordan to write me and to read the Book of Mormon everyday. Penguin Elder 5 out.

Con Amor,
Elder David Arrowchis

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