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Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11, 2011 Another Baptism

I´ve had some crazy experiences this week. This past weekend we had the baptism of Belinda Hurtado (she told us we couldn´t take photos or put them on facebook so you´ll have to look at the old fotos of the other baptism of her kids) and we had almost every test of faith pass. The first miracle, to be baptized you have to pass a baptismal interview. It just so happened that the President showed up that night in the church, without knowing why, and was able to help her in her interview so she could be baptized. He told us that when he was walking in the street he felt he should go to the church. SO he did. Elder Beatty came out saying he needed to call the president and lo and behold, he was there in the church to do the interview. Que accidente, no.

The next miracle. When we got to Belinda´s house to take her to the church for her baptism, she wouldn´t leave because one of her sons hadn´t arrived from school yet even though he should have. So knowing that she wasn´t going to leave unless someone was looking for her son, I left with Eduardo to go look for him while my companion and her family went to the church to prepare for the baptism. We spent a hour looking for him and finally decided we needed to go to reach the baptism. First of all you should know I left the house not knowing if we would find him or not, having little to no idea where to look, but having faith that we would find him and arrive. so what happened as we were walking to the bus stop to go to the church, up walks his brother. So we grab him and run to catch the bus right as it was arriving. We arrived in time to see one talk and the ordinance carried out.

So this week I´ve learned that this is really the Lord´s work and that he is guiding us even when we don´t realize it because the spiritual promptings are sooo soft. I´ve also gained more knowledge that being obedient and humble equals being happy. Finally, in Sunday i felt an even stronger love for everyone in the branch as I looked around. So strange since I´ve only been here 4 months and yet I feel such a strong attachment and devotion with every member in the branch. Write more next week and I´ll try to send some fotos now.

Con Amor,
Elder David Arrowchis

Do you want to hear from my convert Eduardo? Here he is:  hola mi nombre es Eduardo, hoy con elder arrowchis fuimos al glacial y nos divertimos mucho, de verdad, espero que su hijo se quede mas tiempo para seguir disfrutando del clima, jaja , un placer jeje, see you later.

Yeah, he knows quite a bit of English too, bits and phrases.

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