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Thursday, July 7, 2011

June 20, 2011 Still No Companion

Well, I have not gotten my birthday package and I have not gotten my new companion yet.  I still don{t know when he{s coming and it{s been a week.  I{m still switching off being in my area and then going over to my zone leader{s area, but this week I think we are going to spend a lot more time in his area because he has a baptism this weekend.  It{s been crazy down here because I don{t have my phone and my companion already ran out of credit so we can{t make any more calls until about the 23 of the month when we should get more credit.  I am tired and I have no idea what to write.  This past week was also a bust, it seemed like the little time I had in my area I wasn{t doing anything good because we just couldn{t find our investigators in their house or with time to talk to us.  Other than that I had a couple of spiritual experiences.  One was that the Presidente counciled us to say a quick prayer before knocking on a house asking the Lord to bless us with His spirit and to find new investigators.  We did it in Elder Amasio{s area and even though the member said he was leaving he gave us a reference and we went over and there was a family that let us in.  We taught a lady and another guy and that guy ended up going to church the next day.  He{s also married (which is rare) and has interest so that was a blessing too.  In another appointment we had we started teaching and I felt impressed to share what I had learned in my daily study that day about how if we aren{t going to church, reading and praying everyday, having family home evening, doing all the small stuff we aren{t inviting the spirit into our life and he doesn{t have power to bless us with desires to stay worthy because satan will have power over our hearts and that{s when we start feeling more jealous, offended, angry, or whatever negative feeling or thought.  It seemed to help the investigator with his doubt and we felt the spirit a lot.  Love you and hope everything is going good there.  I{ll let you know next week if I am still without a companion, ha ha.

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