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Monday, June 13, 2011

June 13, 2011 Companero Mayor

Soooo, here´s what´s happened this last week, it´s been a crazy. First a volcano erupted in Chile and all of the flights in Argentina were canceled. So my companion left for Buenos Aires on 36 hour bus ride at 5 AM Friday Morning. Since then I´ve been with the zone leader whose companion also ended his mission spending half the time in my area and half the time in his. He got safely to Buenos Aires and was supposed to go home today, but there are no flights, so he´ll continue his mission until there are flights (parents are probably bummed). That also means that my new companion can´t come either, and they aren´t sure when they will come so it could be anywhere from this Wednesday to next week. Not only that but I´ve been called to be compañero mayor! I feel completely unprepared and have no idea what to do, so I´ll just take it slow and keep doing what I´ve been doing rather than be something I´m not. The Lord called me because I´m at that level, not because I now need to make that jump. So I don´t know anything about him other than his from Chile (another chileno, oh no, ha ha ha). My companion that I´m with right now is named Elder Amasio and he´s from Anaheim, California! He´s been on the mission for 1.5 years and is Tongan. He was born in California but his parents came from Tonga and met in California. He´s got 3 brothers and 4 sisters and is the third child. He likes football, volleyball, and basketball. Other than that nothing much is going on, it´s still not really snowing either like everyone told me it would. I bought some more alfajores today and so now I´m up to over 70. I´ve been thinking about books that I want to read when I get home and of them are the miracle of forgiveness, The doctrine of salvation, and the teachings of the prophets. I´m shotgun firing my thoughts because I don´t know what else to say, so I´ll write more next week. Thanks for the pictures, I finally saw them. Say hi to everyone for me and no I didn´t get my birthday package and yes I got gloves from my dad and would you mind friending "Drew Del Ludwig" for me, thanks!
Con Amor,
Elder Arrowchis

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