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Thursday, June 2, 2011

May 30, 2011 (to Jordan)

It honestly doesn´t feel like my mission is already half over. I feel like I only have 3 or 4 months in the mission and that I should still be with my trainer. It´s crazy here, because now it´s starting to snow more often and that makes things colder. I thought I was leaving the snow when I left New York! It is crazy here though because there are a ton of dogs still in the street. Don´t tell mommy but one bit me on the back of the leg around the ankle. I was so mad! So now when dogs start to annoy us we just throw rocks or snowballs at them. We´ve also been playing soccer every P-Day this transfer and I´m starting to get pretty alright too! I´m also learning how to make omelets better. Right now I feel fat so I´m making omeletes with boiled broccoli in it. It´s pretty good too! You should definitely learn how to cook before you go out, as in have mommy teach you how to make noodles and rice on the stove. Just some basics, and then maybe cookies too so you can have that memorized for the mission. Also, study preach my gospel, especially the first two chapters before your mission. That will help motivate you and teach you how to study so you don´t waste time in your mission figuring that out. The snow has finally gone, but did you ever slip on ice at BYU? Last week I slipped about 5 times on the ice, two of which were within 30 seconds just after leaving the house. It´s hard when your shoes have absolutely no grip! Don´t tell mommy that either, she´ll probably just get worried. Love ya and remember to read el Libro De Mormon everyday!

Con Amor,
Super Shmif

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