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Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 7, 2011 Quick Update

ahhh man, sorry I can´t respond more. The internet cut today and we haven´t been able to get back to a ciber until now, and that´s just to check. We have to go get ready but I´ll let you in on the sparknotes:

1. we celebrated the 4th of July today with hotdogs, hamburgers, and the sisters made brownies with ice cream. Then we played fútbol.

2. I still don´t have my new companion and am back with Elder Amasio (my zone leader, from Anaheim). He´s Tongan and is going to teach me the Haka (like the New Zeland all blacks). I think I´m not going to get a companion until next transfer (3 more weeks). These numbers are terrible and it´s my first week as compañero mayor, que triste! But nonetheless I feel an amazing excitement even though I have no idea what to do to baptize in my area and it seems hopeless, the Lord really is watching over us and guiding us.

3. GOOD job with the missionary efforts. All it takes is a testimony, don´t be chicken, you get better with practice and it´s cool to see your friends get baptized ;). Thanks for doing those things, it makes me feel better and motivated to hear you inviting people to go to church and to meet with the missionaries.

4. I just finished buying souveniers today, so now you have a jersey (and of course I have several, hehehe).

5. Love you all and will write more next week.

Con Amor,
Elder Arrowchis

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