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Monday, January 3, 2011

January 3, 2010 El Fin Del Mundo!

Alright, so there`s more news for yah...  I hope you enjoy the photos becuase guess what?  I got transfered again!  I was in Capital, Juncal on Friday with my trainer again (that was cool and fun) and I got a call from the asistants saying that there had been transfers for me.  I was to get packed and ready to go the next day (new years day) by 5 AM to leave for the airport becuase I was going to go to Ushuaia!!!!!!!!!!!  So right now I am writing to you from the bottom of the world.  I don´t think there is a mission any further south than mine right now.  The town I am in is called Monte Olivia and is on the Island of Ushuaia.  It is actually still cold here, and there are mountains with snow on them.  If you want to picture what my area looks like just look for pictures of Utah or even Alaska, becuase it is awesome here.  The sun doesn´t really go down until after 11 (I don´t know because I´m always asleep before it fully goes down) and rises at 5ish.  I went from sweating in bed [in Buenos Aires] to wearing a sweater outside!  The even cooler thing is that my companion was my first zone leader and we both arrived here together.  In other words, we don`t know the area and are completely lost!  But he is really cool and is really excited to be working here. 
The president told us that if we want to find blessings we need to work mainly with the members, otherwise we won´t baptize (apparently it`s been a long time since there has been a baptism here). But that`s okay becuase I know Presidente sent us down here because we can start baptizing.  Today I read in 1 Nephi 7:12 where it asks why do we doubt that the Lord can do anything as long as we have faith.  I realized that applies a lot to us right now as we are struggling to learn our area and not get lost.  This is going to be equivilent to a crash course in how to work with the members, because we have no other option ha ha.  The south, I`m in the South!!!  I also heard that Elder Grover (my companion from the MTC) went to Capital at the same time I came down here, so it doesn´t look like we`ll be seeing eachother for awhile.  Anyway, I don´t know what else to write right now so I´ll spend the next 20 minutes trying to send photos.  Estoy en el fin del mundo!!!

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