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Monday, January 10, 2011

January 10, 2011 Forgive your neighbor 7 x 70

I am having a good time with Elder Martinez. He is very funny and really Chileno. Hopefully after our time together I´ll have more of a Chilean accent. I´m also taking more pictures because nothing happens here in the South, it is very safe. Right now we are teaching 3 families. One family is really cool even though they aren´t married the husband is completely ready to get married so that they can get baptized and he understands everything and is incredibly smart. The other day he showed us his collection of religious books he´s been reading and it was gigantic. For example yesterday in our visit he taught us that he learned when Christ said to forgive your neighbor 7 times 70, he didn´t mean 7 times 70 for one person, but 7 times 70 for every offense from that person. I never realized that before. The only trouble they have is that the girlfriend isn´t convinced about our views but last night we invited her to pray specifically about the Book of Mormon. We are also teaching another family that went to church this last Sunday, or at least part of the family went and it seems like it went well. We are still getting to know our area but we are basically oriented now. I´ve seen miracles everyday but up til now they have only been small miracles. Now I am really working hard to help my companion learn English because he is thinking about working as a travel agent, or in a travel agency, or something like that and will need to know English to do it. That´s the other cool thing about Ushuaia, there are a lot of people who speak English! Everyone also pronounces my name right almost the first time! It´s incredible.

Yeah, so can you please tell everybody who asks that I am doing fine and the members here take care of me like their baby (the relief society president who does our laundry stitched the holes in my socks!). Next very important item of business, last night you should have received a friend request on my facebook account from ofelia puntano. Please accept it. She and her husband are members here and he is from Chile and is awesome. I was showing my pictures and he found out I went to West Point and got all excited and showed me his navy dress coat that someone gave him and how he knew a missionary who went to annapolis and the merchant marine academy. So can you accept and also put up more pictures of me in West Point, especially if there is one of me in As-For-Class (I don´t know if I have a photo in As For Class). Thank you! Another funny note, I saw kids playing baseball the other day for the first time in my mission.

Sorry I don´t have more spiritual experiences to share for the week, I need to write more in my agenda on Mondays to remember them, but I´ll send you some photos I took today. We went to the glacier and hiked all the way up to almost the top with a member here named Emanuel. Now I´ll send pictures [below] until my time runs out. Chao Chao.

Con Amor,
Elder Arrowchis

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