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Monday, January 24, 2011

January 17, 2011 Geneology

That´s cool that you are starting genealogy stuff because in church Sunday we actually had a talk from someone about genealogy. I realized that by spending time doing genealogy work we are doing more for our ancestors than anyone on the otherside of the veil can do. Even if Joseph Smith and Ammon are teaching our ancestors they can only get to a certain point and it would all be for naught if we don´t look for their information and send it to the temple to do the ordinances. It wouldn´t matter how spiritually strong the lessons are, they can´t get baptized! So I realized a bit more how important genealogy work really is. I also realized that eternal life is to know God and Jesus Christ, and to know God is to know perfect love and complete happiness.
This past week has been pretty rough in the way of finding investigators. We are really reconsidering how we are going to work with the members to find more investigators because I´ve found that the references that the members give us almost always result in investigators who have more interest and progress faster towards baptism and are more likely to stay active after baptism. The two baptisms that I almost saw in Grand Bourg came because the members invited them to listen to us during the week, checked how they were doing the other days, and took them to church. All we did was organize well when we could show up at their house to teach no more! Other than that it is really fun being companions with Elder Martinez because he is Chilean and is really crazy. It´s kind of like a Matt and a Jordan mixed together.

I was thinking and I realized that i already have 8 months in the mission. It feels so long ago that I started for the MTC. I feel a lot different than I did in the MTC, a lot more relaxed. I´m not being trucho (disobedient as they call it here) but I feel like I´m not so quick to get down on myself for little things. Elder Martinez and I are studying quite a bit right now about repentance and he told me that it´s a matter of not justifying yourself in any way, just repent.

Tonight we have a dinner again with the Mena family (from facebook that sent you the friend request the first time) and we are going to eat panchos completas. I´ll take pictures and send them next week. I´m also learning how to fix ruined food so it is at least edible. Um, I can´t think of what else to write, so I´ll start sending pictures. Love you and que les vaya bien!

Con Amor,
Elder Arrowchis

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