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Monday, November 7, 2011

October 24, 2011 New Companion Elder Lauder

Ha ha ha, alright I´ll write some more. I´ve actually have a lot to write about, I think. First things first, I have a new companion. His name is Elder Lauder and he´s from Salt Lake City, Utah and has six brothers and sisters and he´s the oldest out of all of them. So in otherwords He´s gotta look good for his family on his mission. That´s the other thing, this is his first area and so that means I´m a trainer. It´s super crazy the training program that they´ve given us, with a whole packet of things we have to study and goals that we have to meet during our companionship studies for the next 12 weeks (because that´s how long a trainer is supposed to be with his companion). The weekend before I received my new companion we had a super intense capacitación (uh, training meeting I think is the translation) about the final judgement and what the purpose of missionary work is and What I need to be focused on when teaching my investigators. Yeah, it was probably just as heavy as reading Jesus The Christ, which by the way I read and is super cool and it´s great that Jordan´s reading it now because he shouldn´t waste time reading it on his mission. I also want to read a ton of other church books when I get back: The teachings of all the prophets, The Miracle of Forgiveness, The Doctrine of Salvation, Articles of Faith... just to name a few. I´m going to call the mission president this week so I´ll ask him about the doctor thing and the letter, but could you ask the Major guy at west Point what I can do about the PT test, because supposedly I need to have a military officer or gym teacher take it, and i now know no one of the type... so I need special permission for my companion or maybe the zone leaders to do it? I don´t know, but we have been going out to run every other day and when we stay in I do sit ups and push ups like crazy.

That´s crazy that Cari is coming back already... what about Jenny Ward? I don´t remember who else went out around the same time as me, any one I know? Is there going to be anyone at home when I get there? All I know is that when I´m get back the only plans I´ll have every day would be to go to the temple, work out, practice soccer, study my math and chem engineering books, and read scriptures. Now I really don´t want to finish the mission, bleh. Anyway, this week´s been crazy training my new companion and all. I haven´t had a baptism forever, I don´t know why it´s hard for me to have the faith, but thanks to my companion he managed to commit 3 people to be baptized in our area just this week, so he´s super cool. We are also working a lot more with the members to help them give us more references and to go contact them in the moment, that way we have more success. I hope you two are ready because we I get back I already have a vision that at least every family home evening will be a super spirit fest to find people we can find the missionaries to teach. Just from what I´ve seen, life is so much better when the missionaries are teaching your friends. but for now I´m still struggling to be a baptizing missionary so I´m more focused on that for now, lo siento.

Well, that´s all for now, i´ll write more next week, AHAHAHA, the ultimate last words. Chau chau.

Con Amor,
Elder Arrowchis

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