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Monday, November 7, 2011

October 17, 2011 Trainer

Ha ha, first, tell Delia "Gracias Hermana, conozco las misioneras de Almagro asi que si queda en su area van a pasar para visitarle. Muchas gracias hermana que esté bien y siga leyendo, especialment cuando no quiera!". COuld you also tell Julio "Che, igual, cuidáte y seguí fiel para lograr el sacerdocio de melquisedec. hay que servir una misión, es lo mejor. Ayudá a sus hermanos y mama llegar los domingos. sabés que? Voy a entrenar un misionero nuevo! NO le conozco todavía pero escuché que será yanki, así que no va a hablar nada de castellano. Portate bien y hacé buenas cosas."

Yeah, there are cambios this transfer and guess what? I´m staying in my area, but I´m going to be training. I jsut had several training meetings and supposedly my new companion comes in tomorrow and the president said that all of the yankee missionaries are going to be training other yankees (okay so he didn´t say yankees maybe) and the other missionary who shares teh appartment with me is trainign too so it´s going to be crazy. We´re kinda rushed right now so ´ll write more next week. Love you and see you later. Thanks a lot for the letters and support, I´ll let you know how the first week of training goes.

Con Amor,
Elder Arrowchis

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