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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 15, 2011 New Family

Alright, it´s sounding better. If you could please mail the application packet yesterday, that would be awesome because I would like to get it here because a member here is a physical education teacher and so I´m pretty sure that meets the qualifications for someone who needs to give the test. I also have no idea how to get the medical list done, but here in Monte Olivia the branch president could help because he´s a doctor and there are more people here in Ushuaia who know how to speak English. Thank you very much.

I did finally get my phone so I am super stoked about that, which also shows in our numbers for this week that we were able to organize more members to go out with us and teach lessons with member present. Also, we are planning a mission activity with our branch mission leader but we don´t know of any activities to do other than watch a movie. Do you or the sister missionaries have any ideas that we could use for games with big groups of people/ family size group of people? Thanks. I can´t believe you made the sister missionaries late. Are you at least giving them references and inviting people to listen to the missionaries? You gotta help them out a little bit for giving you their time.

This week has been a lot more miraculous. Our investigator who is progressing came to church with two of her 3 kids and they all loved it and want to come back this next Sunday and then her son went to a young men´s dinner with the young men´s president and today they played soccer with us. We also had a talk with her last night about the law of chastity and she told us that she wasn´t married legally to her husband but then told us with excitement that when her husband got home she was going to have a talk with him about that. Then she gave us a pizza size slate of bread that she just finished cooking, which was really cool. We also were able to meet with more people to teach them and did so with members accompanying us which is always better. Tell Jordan that´s the secret to having success as a missionary, getting along with your companion and working with the members, and of course praying for charity towards all of them. The rest of our district as well seems more excited as others are finding people to baptize and have interviews this week. Oh right, now that I´m district leader I have to do the baptismal interviews for all the missionaries now, que loco. So this week we plan on working even harder to have the right member with us in all of our lessons and now that we´re finished we are going to go get a haircut and cook some banana bread. It was such a good feeling to see the progress the district made this past week, I honestly felt like crying. Last transfer was really rough and it´s such a relief to feel that the Lord is blessing us and guiding us and now we are seeing success for our hard work all this time here in Ushuaia. That´s something that I would like to know as well, why did the Lord want me to be down here in one area for so much time? It would be interesting to me to find out that response.

I´m afraid that it´s still easy for me to speak English as well because now I am helping my companion try to learn English I think a lot more in English, but I´m trying to only think in Spanish! Also, thanks a lot for the Josh Groban CD and the MOTAB, they´re awesome.

Love you all and write more next week! Tell me how it went inviting one of your friends to church next week!

Con Amor,
Elder Arrowchis

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