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Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7, 2011 FHE Leads to Baptism

I can´t tell you how many people we find who aren´t married and living together. I learned from Presidente that the law of chastity was given to us so that God can send his children to structured families where they can grow with more care and love. Presidente used the example with our investigator of how the mom felt leaving her child with someone else to see a movie or something and she said she feels an emptiness. He said that our Heavenly Father loves us even more and that´s why he wants us to comply with the law of chastity so he can send His children to a family that will care for them.

We also had another baptism this weekend of a woman named Delia. We met her in the house of a member who invited her over after we scheduled a family home evening with them. We had no idea that she was coming but when we showed up we simply changed our game plan and started teaching. After that she said she´d listen but not be baptized, but finally last week she had an amazingly spiritual experience and decided she wanted to be baptized. It was really a miracle to hear her say that she finally recognized the spirit and her response to her prayer. I haven´t baptized in my mission up until Elder Martinez (and one baptism with Elder Blanch) and I have no idea how he does it, but he´s also baptized a lot of people in his mission.

Another cool experience before I go, while we were teaching Delia a day before her baptism our recent convert Eduard Hurtado was with us and she asked him what changes he saw after his baptism. Then he shared an incredibly powerful testimony how things weren´t easier but that he changed and was more patient and obedient to his mom, about how he had to repeat a grade in school because he wouldn´t leave the computer but now if his mom asks him to get off and clean the plates it´s easier for him to do so. Love you and hope you are enjoying the weather.

Con Amor,
Elder Arrowchis

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