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Monday, December 20, 2010

December 20, 2010 Changing Attitude

Thanks for keeping up on my stuff.  and wow, I didn´t realize that I am waking up at 6:30 when you are probably going to sleep at 12:30 (or watching lost/office).  My dad will be calling at 11 your time and you will call at 11:40.  Ten minutes in between because I don´t know exactly the minute difference and just in case I run over or it doesn´t go through I have some time to wait for the call, get some water, do some push ups, wipe the sweat and tears and get refocused... and just for my worrying doubts that something could go wrong and I´d miss your call. If I get my Christmas package this transfer it will be on Friday, because we have a "special devotional" at the president´s house (La Hermana Gulbrandsen slipped fiesta). And if I were to say how I´m doing it would be challenging. I still maintain that this is the most challengin thing I have ever done in my life, mostly because my success depends on my attitude and focus. It´s basically a crash course in consistent repentance when you are repenting everyday for not meeting your goals and promising you will plan better to meet them the next day. There are more ups and downs in a day than at West Point, if you can imagine that! That´s a bummer that Cari´s camera got stolen, luckily that hasn´t happened to me yet, probably because the Lord knows I would do something stupid (we´re not supposed to resist) and get myself or my companion hurt :/. But I´m still good, we tried making cookies this week and we played fútbol with other Elderes. Also, I´m excited to see the puzzle because if you two are still acting like I think I know you, you might get around to starting it in a year and a half, or by the time I get home!
Spiritual stories for the week: The week was a long one, but yesterday we had some miracles. I started changing my attitude yesterday and just thinking with all my mind that things specifically are going to turn out good, and I think it works. We did a contact and the person told us he didn´t believe in anything. So I started thinking that he will accept to listen to us and then my companion managed to talk to him until he seemed happy to talk to us and although he had to leave and work he said goodbye very warmly and gave us his number to try and arrange a time to meet. We also did another contact who started out very sternly saying that he was a different religion. So I thought he will accept (along those lines) and he ended up letting us in and we taught him and his family and friends and he said that although he didn´t believe in the Book of Mormon he accepted to read it and two of his friends said they will read it and pray about it. The same sort of thing happened when a member went out with us later and we taught an old investigator family. So yeah, it sounds kind of cocky and arrogant, but until the Lord "humbles" me for it I´m going to continue testing it to see if that attitude change has a difference.

Other than that I can´t think of very many other stories and my time is almost out. HOpe you enjoy the pictures at least, and hopefully I have somewhat of an accent on Saturday.

Con Amor,
Tu hijo Elder Arrowchis

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