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Monday, December 13, 2010

December 13, 2010 Small Miracles

Okay so first things first, why did peanut brittle not come to mind?!?!? [food missed]  I also realized that I miss cheese enchiladas and cinnamon (I´ve completely forgotten how to spell that) buns. Also, it´s always fun to receive ingredients for making s´mores i.e. graham crackers, marshmellows, hershey´s chocolate. Also, I don´t really have any pictures of outside Argentina because I don´t really want somebody to see me and rob me, but there´s an extremely funny sign here that I want to take a picture of so maybe some morning we´ll run for exercise to take pictures. [to Jordan]--That kid isn´t writing me back! He might not realize it right now, but his success largely depends on going to church and reading scriptures everyday. I´m just saying, playing computer games until 2 in the morning will not help him in anything. Now I am kicking myself for all the time I have spent playing video games, it really hasn´t done anything for me. I can´t think of one way that playing computer games has helped me... no, I could have been better at the piano, or soccer, or something! Anyway, the mission will be a huge shock for him, don´t worry ;D . Tell him if he wants it to be a softer transition with more success in the beginning he will put more time into taking care of himself and reading the scriptures. Tell him we study for 3 hours in the morning before leaving to walk all day, and that in the MTC it's for basically the whole day studying the gospel/language.

Right so spiritual experiences. I can´t think of too many, maybe as I´m writing, but there were some funny stories and even several miracles (apart from watching people´s countenance change as we taught them). First, I met a real live ninja. At first I just took him for a drunk but then as we contacted his house he told us how he had to go to the police station one time for "self defense". Supposedly he was walking under the bridge and two robbers came up and stuck a revolver in his face telling him to give them his money. So as he casually reached for his pocket he did a striking block with his left hand and spun into a right elbow to the face! Then the other robber started to run away so he started unloading with his 20 shuriken ninja stars that he happened to be carrying. To prove he teaches kung fu he showed us the tattoo on his leg of the chinese characters for kung fu, but even though I don´t really remember anything from Chinese I have a suspicion that he got the wrong symbols...

Then another day as we were walking from the church we contacted a man who turned out to be pentecostal. He didn´t want to listen and insisted we were teaching doctrine of men and so then gave us a pentecostal blessing right there in the street to help us start following God. It was interesting. Then on Saturday we were walking and it started to rain out of nowhere (in other words we were in short sleeves without umbrellas). Luckily we were contacting a reference and he invited us into his house, even though it was the house of his relatives and during the birthday party of their son. They weren´t too attentive but let us talk until the rain slowed down. So then we left and were blessed to miss the worst part of the storm. Next miracle for that day, as we left we had to cross the street but couldn´t because of the flood that the rain caused. We could have walked across, but my shoes are dying right now and I did not really want to get them soaked. Then out of nowhere came a guy on a motorcycle and ferried us across to the otherside where there was no water in the street. That was literally a miracle. Then as we were walking more towards our appointment we witnessed another miracle. We came to another part where we couldn´t cross for the water in the street so as we were standing there waiting for my desires to spare my shoes run out, a couple was leaving their house and called to us. We talked with them and it turned out that they were listening to missionaries a while ago but the missionaries stopped going by and so we organized when we could pass by again and when we finished the water had receded from the street enough for me to leap frog across and not get my shoes soaked! Three miracles in one day. Apart from that we are still struggling to find more people to teach in a day.

So about Christmas. I will write more later today or during the week when we manage to get the phone number of the church because you are going to call me. First I am going to talk with my dad around 5 pm my time (I think 1 your time) and then I will finish talking with him at 5:30. Then you can call me at 5:40 (I think 1:40) and I will talk with you until 6:10, and then I go back to work for the next 5 months! But I will send another email before next week certifying the times and with the phone number where you will call me. Muchísimas gracias por toda tu ayuda con esas cosas, estoy disfrutando mi misión más por tu sacrificio a cuidarme. Gracias mamá y Matt, y les amo tanto. Yo sé que voz sos mi mamá por una razón y fue una bendición para mi. Chao Chao.

Con Amor,
Elder Arrowchis

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