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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Stressful, but without the stress

June 8, 2010

Things are pretty stressful here, but without the stress. My schedule is tough, very similar to West Point actually, especially now that I am a zone leader. Extra meetings, extra assignments, extra responsibilities, but then again I guess that is what I prayed and asked for. The difficulty I have is being a compassionate leader because I could easily roam the halls in a squad leader mode, but I wouldn’t be accomplishing “Lead with Charity”.

So along with my super awesome/hard/challenging teachers (my challenge is still to not utter an English word to a Spanish speaker) my mission already is a big challenge. I have had to struggle so much with Spanish I’m almost glad I don’t have to worry about Chinese! Even through trying to learn Spanish feels like hitting bricks against my head, I can now carry a conversation in only Spanish, and even though I don’t feel like I can teach I still feel the spirit when I teach my pretend “investigators”.

The Elders in my district can be such goofballs, I get half of my funny “Quote of the Dia” from them. For example, recently during a practice lesson the investigator was wondering why drinking on small cup of coffee a day is so bad and without thinking (and in Spanish) he said, “Only killing one person instead of 100 people is the same thing…” Yeah, we cut him off after comparing our investigator to a murderer.

Life at the MTC seems normal because I am more accustomed to having a changing lifestyle. There’s something to be said for the Army of Helaman being able to follow the orders and commandments with exactness, because that’s fairly hard to do. But I know that the Law of Sacrifice carries a real power with real blessings behind it. I think the motto of my mission is going to be “The Lord didn’t call me here to fail” because that has been what helps me most when I’m feeling down.

“Citas del dia”

30 May: “Missionaries don’t have girlfriends, just friends who mail them wedding announcements”

02 June: To an investigator “Quiere gozo en su vida? Yo tambien…” and then silence

03 June: “Dios tiene un cuerpo de carne y jueves” (instead of carne y huesos) – Elder Gibbons

05 June: “Setting goals signifies going through the day with an objective” – Elder Ballard

Sincere Love,
Elder Arrowchis

[To Jordan]

Congratulations on being valedictorian! You’re going to be so much happier sitting in the sun with a WHITE robe instead of a black one. You’ll soon see how insignificant your high school antics were when you finally experience college life. And then later you’ll see how insignificant your college antics were when you go on a mission. My companion suggests you study in the basement of the library and study before you go back to the dorms because you won’t get any work done there. Also, take advantage of the Spirit at BYU because a lot of people don’t. Finally have fun and keep your covenants.

Once you go on a mission HOPEFULLY you will realize that missionary work is the most important work on this Earth. Remember D&C 121:34-35 “Many have been called but few are chosen. And why are those called not chosen? Because their hearts become fixated on the temporal things and issues of this world.” You were called in the premortal to do the Lord’s work, now it is your decision if you want to be worthy to be chosen to do His work on Earth.

Your Big Bro, Elder Arrowchis

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